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LOVES GALLERY is located in the HEART of the HAMPTONS!

50 Hill Street Southampton, NY 

Owner/artist Jennifer Contini opened up her Pop Up Gallery in the summer of 2021. 

The gallery represents several artists both locally and from around the United States. 

Jennifer was born in a small town in Ohio and has carried on a love affair with New York City since she gravitated to lower Manhattan in 1993.

“I live and work in a place that beats to the same drum as I do. The fast urban pace of Manhattan is home, and my vibrant Downtown neighborhood defines and inspires my work. This is the space where my artistic vein finds higher meaning.”

While versatile in all mediums, her gallery work is concentrated in representational mixed media work.

Jennifer’s technique of using mixed media – including acrylics, metals, resins, plastics, marbles, maps and signs enrich her paintings. She expresses herself best through the diverse materials and objects that she interacts with everyday. Her canvases contain a myriad of messages that come from what the city transmits and also from her strong spiritual beliefs.

Jennifer is committed to supporting communities and often participates in and donates artwork to charity events.

In June of 2010, Jennifer curated and hosted “COMBINING GRACE: A Tribute to Gilda Radner.” A group show consisting of 16 female artists raising money for Gilda’s Club downtown New York City.

In July of 2009, a live-auction sale of Jennifer’s work raised thousands of dollars for a fundraiser to benefit a homeless shelter in Midland, Texas.

Jennifer has exhibited internationally in Rome, Germany and Paris, France.Her collectors are from all over the world. She believes that supporting charities that she cares about, is a big part of her inspiration, feeding into and motivating her art!

Jennifer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from Purchase College, SUNY, and is a mother to three amazing children.

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